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What do I get in the Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training?

Why do I train empaths?

In this training we go deep into duality so we can understand how to navigate this reality. This training is NOT for everyone, but some people (like myself) are designed for this work. You will FEEL it in your soul if this is for you.

You will learn my proven blueprint for negative entity, alien technology and negative energy removal and learn to clear people and properties at a practitioner level.

I believe energetically sensitive people are born sensitive for a reason and some have grown up feeling negative energy around them but have not known how to deal with it so they shut down to it. It usually doesn't work that well and sometimes can create even more negative experiences for the person. This can cause the person to feel like there is something wrong or bad about them, but really it is their soul calling them into alignment through mastering the reality of duality.

BUT some don't know what that reason is, and this can lead to isolation and depression.

This training is designed to help you reclaim your gifts and step into purpose so you can take your place in this massive shift of consciousness happening on our planet that you KNOW you came here to be apart of.

THIS TRAINING IS ALSO FOR THOSE WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH DARK ENERGY. If you are someone who has a lot of negative energy attached to you then the best thing you can do for yourself is actually face this and start cleaning it up. One clearing can not clear and heal everything when we have a lot going on, and thats because at this level of chaos means you have many many pathways open and other energetic damage that is allowing it all in. Energetic mastery is the key.. Their is no other way to walk this experience.. AND if this is happening to you then it means this is your mastery (just like my experience). IMPORTANT- If you are mentally unwell then this training is not right for you at this time, because to dive into this type of training requires a healthy state of mind. Its ok if you have stuff going on and its crazy BUT as long as YOU know that you are mentally and emotionally able to learn about negative energy and how it operates.

Course Curriculum

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Below are some videos that I'v taken from the negative energy removal practitioners training so you can feel into if this training is for you.

Negative Portalways Within People

Psychic Attack Energy

Earthbound Spirits



Teala Regan

- Teala Regan, Owner of Sacred Creations Designs & a Holographic Soul Practitioner (Hands on Healing)

Teala is an incredibly talented designer who makes really funky clothing and has trained with me online and in person and is a Holographic Soul Practitioner after training in hands on healing with me almost 5 years ago. She offers her services in her own business and is now a current student of the Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training where she is already adding Akashic Record work services to her business specialising in negative energy removal for properties and people.

Senem Tufekcioglu

- Senem Tufekcioglu- From Turkey

Senem is a Landscape Architect and Permaculture Designer & Teacher. In her mission to heal the planet, she felt that people needed to be healed, too. That's when she decided to start training to become a Life & Relationship Coach. She is also an EFT practitioner since 2006.

She met me back in 2015 and since then took my Spirit Guide Course and is a current student of the negative energy removal training. She is now offering card readings for direct guidance and also property clearings for her clients, and soon she will offer energy clearings for people, too.

She lives in Istanbul, Turkey and for now only offers her services within Turkey. She is working on her website ormanperisi.com (means "Forest Fairy" in Turkish) which will be a source of information for everyone who speaks energy.

Alexandra Clarke

- Alexandra Clarke, Crystal Wholesaler, Practitioner & Healer at alexandracrystaline.com

Alexandra has spent many years working with crystals in many forms with people from around the world. She is deeply passionate about sharing her wisdom to help others heal and expand into their greatness. Alexandra has taken training with me over the years, and is a current student of the Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training and is already adding Akashic Record work services to her business specialising in negative energy removal for properties and people.


- Michele, Soul Mission Healing

Michele is a graduated student of the negative energy removal practitioners training and offers property and personal clearing through her business Soul Mission Healing. She has done many amazing things so has lots to offer her clients.

Xina Puchala

- Xina Puchala, Owner of Divinesoulmagic.com

Xina has many tools in her toolbox and as a creative intuitive she has lots to share. She has trained with me online and in person and is a Holographic Soul Practitioner after training in hands on healing with me almost 5 years ago. She offers a variety of services in her own business and is now a current student of the Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training where she is already adding Akashic Record work services to her business specialising in negative energy removal for properties and people.

Surya Ergun

Christina Crockford

Mario Beljan

- Mario Beljan, Teacher & Tennis coach

Mario is a current student of the Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training. Mario has taken this training for his own personal use, as he navigates a lot of interference. Mario is a male empath, so he can feel the interference and had to navigate most of it on his own, until he found me and I was able to give him a blueprint to start working with. I look forward to Mario finishing the personal clearing side of the training so he can close down even more interference for himself and the planet.

The property clearing course and the negative energy removal course from Paula is so awesome!

I have journeyed with all the courses Paula has offered and each one has given me so much information and so much expansion in my development. I'm so thankful that, living in Europe, I am able to follow courses no matter how far we live apart thanks to Internet.

Paula travels with us students and it doesn’t matter that we live apart all these miles/km because I can feel her and her work resonates with me. If you really feel in to Paula and her work you cannot miss it, you can feel it is real and so powerful. That was what I felt when I first heard of Paula and her work, and I never had a moment of regret!

The negative energy removal course is still running and gives me so much new information and is really giving me a boost in all facets of my being and life.

The property-clearing course is wonderful because I can now clean my own space and clear heavy stuff for people’s houses (wow so healing for the people living in these homes), and also (for example) for schools that I am able to clear…the impact that it has had on so many children is amazing!

It feels so good to be able to do something for mother earth and all the shit that is on her and in the air. To be able to do something wonderful for mother earth, the people, animals and nature. I am humbly grateful for the impact I see this work has on the property’s and for the people living or working there.

I have started with my own business, a location free business so that is awesome to! So if you doubt, please do not because you will get so much magic in your life, for mother earth and the world with these courses! Wishing you so much love light and happiness.

Thank you Paula,

Yours sincerely,

- Marjoleine Vullings Hamel, Netherlands current student of the Negative Energy Removal Practitioners Training.

We are the map makers, here to recode the fake matrix (lack matrix) back to the Original Divine Matrix which is abundance.

For some though, the more we rise and come into alignment the more likely we are of receiving interference from negative forces as they try to derail us from our true path and purpose. This is why it's so important to have a way of navigating these energies so we can keep expanding into the truth of who we are.

Your Instructor

Paula Brindley
Paula Brindley

Hi, My name is Paula and I train energetically sensitive people to use their sensitivity, so they can have the tools to create a location free business, helping others shift from a fourth-dimensional consciousness into a fifth-dimensional consciousness.

I've worked for hundreds of people from all around the world at a multi-dimensional level, and I have developed a proven blueprint for removing negative energy as well as helping people heal and expand.

I now teach that blueprint to others from all around the world through online training, workshops and retreats.

You see I believe that their is a massive lie going around the spiritual community that says as 'lightworkers' we should only focus on the light.

I fully believe with every cell in my body, that we are being called to SEE and KNOW the truth about of reality, and that right now is DUALITY!

So living in a world of duality where we have light and dark, it makes sense to me that we need to learn how to navigate both sides of the spectrum so we can step into the truth of who we really are.

I have watched OVER and OVER that learning to navigate the dark allows our light to shine through even brighter than ever before.

And THAT is my mission here right now... It's to share my blueprint of navigating these energies so you can take your place in this shift as a way shower you came to be!

Without knowing how to remove these energies its harder for us to keep on our path and almost impossible to expand into our magic thats locked inside of us. I know because I'v walked the fire and blueprinted every session Iv ever done for hundreds of clients around the world.

My specialty is in energetic investigation and energetic micro-surgery.

My energetic investigation skills has allowed me to keep a complete record of every negative energy I have ever encountered over hundreds of hands on healing sessions, as well as hundreds of Soul Readings Iv done for clients in the Akashic Records.

By combining all of my notes on these energies I realised that each one of these negative energies has its own character and consciousness.

Almost 10 years of note taking, investing, downloading, learning and DOING the aligned action necessary (even when its frickin hard or scary) has allowed me to finally offer a roadmap or blueprint to those who are ready to reclaim their light by facing the dark..

Are you one of them?

Below is from a three day workshop where I trained people in hands on healing, and some of these amazing souls traveled from Turkey, New Zealand and other places from around Australia. (I am the one in a green top and black skirt at the front).

NOW is the time to expand into the truth of who we REALLY are by letting go of everything we are NOT, and I think I have something that will help you do that.

Why would you believe me?

DON'T...!! I believe our decrement is VITAL right now! Their are many 'lightworkers' who are putting out a lot of information that is manipulated and distorted. So please don't believe me.. or anyone else just because they have a website or social media following...

FEEL into the person.. and use your body wisdom to really feel if the person is in alignment with you.

ALSO if you are going to learn something from someone, make sure they were really good at that thing they are teaching you.. This one is REALLY IMPORTANT!

For that reason you can check out over 50 testimonials from people I have done ether a soul reading and clearing for in the Akashic Records, Hands on Healing or they have taken other training with me.. Have a look by CLICKING HERE

If you are FEELING the call then please make sure you read and watch everything on this page, even the frequently asked questions, so you can feel if this is right for you.


This is a multi-dimensional energetic training package that teaches you how to use your body wisdom to access the Akashic Records to conduct a property clearing and personal clearing for any place or person in the world.

You will be doing this by conducting a full energetic investigation on the place or person before clearing any negative energy found using my proven blueprint from the comfort of your own home.

This practitioners training will allow you to do this work for yourself but also for others as a Holographic Soul Practitioner so you can create a location free business helping others through this massive awakening we are going through.

You will learn to navigate in the dark so you can stay on your path and help others by shining the way forward.


This is a package that includes two separate courses, one focuses on clearing negative energy from properties via the Akashic Records from anywhere in the world (so you become location free). The other is focusing on negative energy removal for people and also is conducted via the Akashic Records from anywhere in the world.

The training starts with the property clearing course. Properties are less affected by negative energies as they hold a simpler energetic matrix, so it’s easy to find and remove negative energy. This course will ease you into working in the Akashic Records within a week or two so you can be up and running in a location free business helping the planet.

In the second course we take a deep dive into personal clearing for yourself and also to offer to clients. I walk you through 80 different types of negative energy we will be looking for and I go deep into what it is, what are the attaching mechanisms, the results in a person if attached and the lifespan of that energy. You can work through this training while earning money from your property clearings and then once you have finished the second course, you will have clients already wanting personal clearings.

I am not normal, I can NOT work in a normal job, and I know that most of my students can’t either because we are here to break down the old programming keeping us from being free.

So, this is why I design my trainings to be fully location free, and this means you get to do life YOUR way! You only need a laptop and a WIFI connection to be able to run your business from anywhere!


It also means that you don’t even have to have someone in front of you to do this work as its all done remotely.



Most people who find me are empaths who find living on this planet pretty hard. They feel like they don’t belong here as they don’t fit into ‘normal’ standards of being human.

I was one of them and considered my ability to tune into other people’s emotions a curse because I couldn’t separate my own emotions with other peoples and this led me into more and more isolation for many years.

I couldn’t handle seeing all the darkness across the planet, from the destruction of forests and killing of animals, how many homeless and starving people were on the planet, to the corruption throughout most corporations and the pure evil of world leaders just to name a few.


I found myself quite angry and confused and wondering what was wrong with me as I never found ‘normal’ things interesting and just couldn’t help but see and feel the darkness always operating under the surface and yet NO ONE ever mentioned it.


I was always afraid of the dark and being alone as a child because I could feel and sense energies moving around me and through others but because I had no frame of reference for the experience I put it down to me being different, broken or faulty.

It wasn’t until I faced that fear of the dark that I found my own light and my gifts came forward.

I discovered that I wasn’t broken or faulty, but in fact I was super energetically sensitive and could tune into another person. I could feel everything they were feeling and also feel energetic imprints of their story.

We are taught in school that E=MC2 (everything is energy) but that’s about as far as we are taught about it… ?? how does that even make sense that something SO important is mentioned but not studied as a number 1 important subject?


You would think that since EVERYTHING is energy we might benefit from discussing how this impacts our relationship to the universe, our planet and each other!


If we remembered that everything was energy then instead of struggling to find connection, it would be our natural state to connect to one another at soul level because we would SEE ourselves in the other.

We would then be living in a peaceful, loving happy world where people were connected to the truth of who they are and living in alignment to their soul, instead of living in a confused, overcontrolled, fear based, darker world. That darker world is based on lies so the majority of the population feel unworthy and lost due to lack of soul connection and purpose.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where the language of energy has been maintained because this would mean we as Divine Humans would be living in our gifts and power.

Instead, we have been cut off from the truth of who we are and fed false stories to keep us afraid of the darkness. We are disconnected from our own light and magic so our vital force energy can be syphoned and used by darker forces who have created a fake matrix to keep us in (like cattle).

You see if we are not using our vital force energy to create as a creator Being then we fall under the spell as a worker bee, and that means there is a huge amount of vital force energy not being used, so you become a prime energy source for negative beings and you’re kept in a state of hypnosis where something else is driving the vehicle.

The only way to free ourselves is to become AWAKE and REMEMBER the language of energy so we can heal and unplug from the fake matrix to become drivers of our own vehicles by using and directing all of our vital force energy for our own creative use as sovereign creators.

As you remember how energy works and comprehend how these darker forces work, you gain greater self-mastery of your own multi-dimensional energy body and become very difficult to be manipulated, controlled or feed off by negative forces.

I truly believe that we need to get comfortable in the dark through energetic awareness so we can begin to break free of this fake matrix control system farming humanity and keeping us in the dark ages. Most people can see and feel the amount of darkness on our planet right now. We are going to have to face it sooner or latter and I hope we rise as a collective soon and claim our planet back. Its starting to happen now but we still have some things to face and clear as a collective so this is the perfect time to learn this skill if it's calling you. IT'S TIME TO FACE THE DARKNESS ON THIS PLANET.

It is also the PERFECT time to learn a skill that you can earn money from while being home or traveling around the world.. These are very unstable times and being able to earn money location free is a super amazing gift in these unpredictable times ahead. Plus more and more people are waking up to the evil running the show and are looking for help to navigate it all.. If this is calling you then you KNOW you are here to help this shift.. This is the time! The time is NOW and the planet needs you.

The dualistic system we are in is not going away, no one’s coming to save us, it is our job to clean up our own shadows so these energies have no place to hide. In doing so, we dissolve the light and dark within our own being, and we become a unification of the balanced light we really are.

This means we would no longer be in separation but in oneness and this is what is needed for negative forces to no longer have permission to hijack this reality.

This shift is an inside job


I believe that we are playing a part in a very important stage of evolution right now that is divinely orchestrated and we are being asked to explore our multidimensional anatomy and natural laws so negative forces and negative energy can’t impose upon our energy fields and take advantage of our life force.

By doing this we can step into our power and purpose in this now timeline. We can remove the fake matrix that keeps us disconnected from the truth of who we are, so we can restore the Divine Matrix and live into our Divine nature and restore our planet back to its original blueprint.


This is why I am so passionate about educating people on how energy works and how to remove negative energy.

We are the map makers to recode the fake matrix back to the Original Divine Matrix. For some though, the more we rise and come into alignment the more likely we are of receiving interference from negative forces as they try to derail us from our true path and purpose. This is why it's so important to have a way of navigating these energies so we can keep expanding into the truth of who we are.


As we move towards taking our birthplace as Cosmic Citizens we are being called upon to become self-aware, to become masters of our personal energy field, and our planetary energy fields- because this is where the hacks are that allow negative energy and forces to operate under the fabric of our reality.

The level of interference such as psychic attack from unconscious fellow humans, to etheric implants and entities may make us think we need super protection ‘techniques’, but I have found that this can only alleviate the symptoms short term because the problem can’t be solved unless you address the underlying energetic root cause.

Through years and years of energetic investigation from working with thousands of clients from around the world... either via the Akashic Records or hands on healing, I have found that the energetic root cause is lifetimes of open energetic pathways due to EVERY misaligned choice that we have made over lifetimes.

The darker forces hijacked this reality almost from the point or origination and we have been enslaved into a holding prison, cut off from the truth of who we are and the truth of our multi-universe so we can be farmed for our vital force energy.

Over many lifetimes we have been tricked, bullied and tortured into giving our power away to go into a slumber like state just to survive this programmed reality.

This means we have millions of open pathways to every thought, word and action that was not in alignment to the truth of who we are and this creates access points for negative energy.

If you think of every open energetic pathway as a thin piece of string, you can see why humans are like puppets on strings.

Every time we close one down it’s like cutting the cord and you become harder to manipulate and more sovereign with each pathway closed.


This is the part that that excites me the most - because you see that even the darkness is divine at some level; because it allows us to see the open pathways within ourselves (or in our clients) that were created by conscious or unconscious choices in any of our lifetimes and that it’s OUR responsibility to clean and close so we can reclaim ourselves on all levels.

This is why I know that this work is so important, because I don’t just teach you how to find and clear negative energy. I also teach you how to close the pathways down so each time something negative comes through for yourself or a client, you are able to close down that pathway so it can never be reopened. This is how we claim ourselves back and truly become sovereign beings.

This inner work is how we clean up our shadows and reclaim our energy bodies back, but it takes time, personal effort and responsibility. True responsibility is having the ability to respond, and that is what this training will give you, the ability to respond to our dualistic reality so you can clean up your inner world and reclaim ALL of yourself while helping others do the same.

I have spent the last 10 years working with people from all around the world - through using the Akashic Records and Hands on Healing and am now teaching others what I have learnt.

This training is all on line and I am focusing on teaching you how to remove negative energy using the Akashic Records. I show you how to tap into your body wisdom so you are able to get very clear answers while in the Akashic Records.


I offer this training from years and lifetimes of personal experience to help you stretch beyond everything you’re NOT, in order to become everything you REALLY are, so you can activate your soul’s mission and purpose that you feel deep in your soul.


Before I go more into what we cover in the training, first let me share with you what the Akashic Records are and why they are the best source of information, especially when looking for and clearing negative energy.

The Akashic Records are an energetic database. They record everything that happens throughout time and space.

Every thought, intention, word, and action create an energetic signal or frequency and this signal resonates throughout the fabric of time and space and all of them are received and recorded by the main central database that we call the Akashic Records.

Every single soul from the moment of its creation has its own Akashic Records as well as animals, nature, and all third-dimensional things such as houses, businesses, objects etc because they all hold an energetic matrix, so it’s a handy place to look for information.

The Akashic Records are a very complex system. They are protected against penetration by a form of highly advanced energetic security system. The integrity of the connection is influenced by the intention and integrity of the person tuning in. Without full permission from the person you are connecting on behalf of, as well as the highest intentions for reading that persons records, you would find it very hard to access that souls’ records...so you don’t have to worry about someone reading your souls records without your permission.

After reading thousands of soul records in the Akashic Records, I see how invaluable a resource it is. I’m so passionate about bringing this amazing database into people’s consciousness in a grounded way so we can locate and remove the things holding us back from the fullest expression of who we really are.

This information is to help you navigate the negative energies coming up within your own inner world for healing and transmuting; as well as the huge amount of negative energy coming up from other people, the astral plane, the mental and emotional grid, negative beings, and other dimensions and timelines that we interact with energetically on a daily basis.

This training goes beyond third-dimensional perception into non-linear concepts that challenge all our belief systems that we have ever thought, held or been told were true since we were incarnated into this realm.


The linear mind and what we have been trained as ‘logical’ processes of thought are actually the polar opposite of how multi-dimensional realities exist within all of us. We are now starting to wake up to these multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves and our potential as cosmic citizens.

I am here to help those who feel they are here for a reason…. For you my sister/brother are the ground crew who are here to help recode this fake matrix back to its original blueprint; starting by re-coding your own matrix back to its original blueprint so you are no longer a victim to anything because you became a master of your own energy body.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to this course for as long as I own and run my website - BUT in the case of me closing down the website for any reason, I will make the training available to you in different way.
Do you offer a refund?
No I don't. Iv done my very best to give you as much information as possible about my work and what information you can expect. Iv even added videos from the training so you can really SEE and FEEL if this is for you and if Im the person you want to learn from............. After you make a decision to follow your soul, your reptilian part of your brain (even science calls it that), will come on in and have a million things to say about why this ISN'T for you....... This is the part of the brain we are here to evolve so we can follow our souls and not our ego..... For this reason I feel strongly about NOT offering a refund..... This way no matter what your reptilian brain tells you, you will always be able to access this training and start freeing your soul when you have had enough of that part of your brain running the show.... So PLEASE make sure your REALLY feeling the call deep in your soul.
Do you use a pendulum to access the Akashic Records?
No, Im not a fan of pendulums due to the high risk of them being manipulated by any entities, negative forces and even our own subconscious.... I teach people how to tap into there own body wisdom so you can use your own body like a pendulum so you can get clear answers from your soul.... I have found that our bodies have an amazing ability to read, process and then interpret information within energy in a very precise way and it makes it a perfect way to read the Akashic Records.....
Do I have to be psychic already?
No! You just need to feel the call to do this work... If your FEELING it, then its meant for you! The people who are called to my work are usually empathic (can FEEL other peoples emotions), and this is who I design my trainings for. This doesn't mean you have to know how to use this gift... I can show you that... The main thing thats imports is that you FEEL things.... This might look like feeling peoples emotional states, being energetically sensitive so you find being around too many people too much, find it hard to be in crowds, taking on other peoples emotions, right up to being able to hear, see, feel and taste information around you. This training is suitable for everyone that is energetically sensitive.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes I do have a student affiliate program, which means that any student of mine can become an affiliate and receive 25% for any new student they introduce to this training by sharing their experience... Over the last 10 years I have never paid for advertising and my work was spreed all over the world just by word of mouth so I wanted to find a way to say thank you and now I have a way through my affiliate student program.... I also wanted to make sure that if someone who couldn't afford this training was REALLY called to do it, that I had a way to help them pay for it.. This way a student can earn money while studying just by sharing their journey with others. ..With this type of work I have found that people need to hear another persons experience to see that it's not a dark course, even though we are talking about dark energy... Once people can see someones light increases when you can look and navigate in the dark, then they become more curious and open to the journey themselves.... It is for this reason I have designed a student affiliate program that rewards students for sharing their personal experience of working with me and my work.
Do I get full access to all the training straight away?
No you don't get full access to all the training straight away if you choose the payment plan option BUT if you pay in full I give you FULL access to the training within 48 hours..
Do I learn any hands on healing in this training?
No, this training is all about the Akashic Records because I find it's the best place for removing negative energy without any transference....Most of my training with these negative energies have come from thousands of hands on healings Iv done for people all over the world.... I keep notes on every entity, negative etheric implant, psychic cord or hook and basically every negative energy I ever found and removed over 7 years.... Then I took all that knowledge and started to experiment within the Akashic Records for another 3 years, to find faster ways of removing them without having to go face to face with every entity or negative being.... Now I have a blueprint for removing negative energy using the Akashic Records in a safe way..... So this training is focusing on just the Akashic Records..... I will be teaching hands on healing later on this year in a live training over in Bali.... I will be teaching how to remove negative energy when doing hands on healing but also how to help people quantum heal and activate.... I will also be running healing retreats this year where I take a small group of people for 7 days into a deep healing journey where I do group healing sessions but also personal healing sessions where we will go after the energetic root cause to your biggest issues holding you back from your greatness...... So keep an eye open for that if your interested..

Enrol now!